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Our Products

  • Leopard Glaze

    A continual strong seller. Unique spotted glaze, available in Brick Red, Blue and Green. High Quality Ceramics, Souvenir Priced.
  • Tri Colour Striped Program

    Unique Tri-Colour Stripe Glazed Ceramics. Available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Tall Stein, Squat Mug and Ceramic Shotglass.
  • Bright Spray Colour

    Bright Spray Colour

    Bright Spray Colour
    Bright Colours are In! Unique, Hand Sprayed Ceramics. Large 18 Oz Reserve Mug, 11 oz Mug, Ceramic and Glass Shots – add some colour and impact for your store.
    **Dishwasher and Microwave Safe**
  • Souvenir Plaques

    Souvenir Plaques

    Souvenir Plaques
    Proudly Made in Canada. High Quality Souvenir wall plaques make a quintessential Canadian momento. The largest assortment, well suited for large tourist locations, national parks and airport locations.
  • Basswood Woodslabs

    Basswood Woodslabs

    Basswood Woodslabs
    High quality basswood slabs, a great authentic North American souvenir.
  • Interior Repeat Pattern

    Interior Repeat Pattern

    Interior Repeat Pattern
    This drinkware line is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.
    Has a soft, velvet finish.
    Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

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